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My favourite green smoothie!
Now its the time to share some smoothie energy :P
I thought this is a fresh way to start the month on the blog. I’ve been making a green smoothie once a day for a month or two, so I’ve tried many versions already, but definitely found the ultimate number one for my taste buds. I’m so addicted: it’s so fresh, delicious and energizing. I’ll either have one with my breakfast, as a part of lunch or just a snack. So any time of the day, when I feel like having something refreshing! 

Energizing mango spinach green smoothie

– oat/coconut/soy/almond milk (and/or natural/oat/soy yoghurt)
– spinach
– frozen mango
– banana and/or avocado
– lemon juice
– optional extras: salt, honey, green powder 
– optional extras 2: zucchini, carrot, apple, cucumber, whatever fresh you feel like throwing in!
– Toppings: nuts, seeds, oats, flax seeds, goji berries, coconut flakes
Put the liquid in the blender, handful or two of spinach, some frozen mango, a little bit of banana and avocado and squeeze some lemon juice. Add the extras, like one teaspoon of green powder, a tiny sprinkle of salt, maybe a bit of honey, and the veggie/fruit extras you prefer.
I often add carrot, zucchini or apple. Tasting it while making it is the key to the best result, naturally! I’ve never measured the amounts. On some days I prefer having it smoother, on some days more crisp. Oh and it’s so important that at least one of the ingredients is frozen, here it’s the frozen mango, but you can also add some ice. Then pour the amazing creation into a glass or a bowl, top it with seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, anything you like. My two must always have toppings: pumpkin seeds (roasted) and coconut flakes.

Anddd one last thing...if you dont have a blender at home there is a cute smoothie bar in Tirana called: "The Funky Moustache" (Rruga Mustafa Matohiti No. 4/1, Tirana 1001) where you can also have healthy snacks and choose your favourite smoothie :)


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